This is one of the pioneers in the field of social trading, and their bespoke trading platform – The Webtrader – is filled with excellent features that makes social trading a breeze. You can follow other traders and copy their trades, within parameters set by you. You can also allow other traders to follow and copy you. If you qualify for the Popular Trader program, some substantial perks can be coming your way as other traders walk in your footsteps.

Another example of a nifty social feature at eToro is CopyPortfolios, a service that makes it easy to copy existing portfolios instead of putting together your own from scratch.

CFD:s at eToro

Etoro has a huge selection of Contracts for Difference (CFDs). With these, you can gain exposure to a lot of different underlying assets and indices. There are for instance CFDs here based on the respective share prices of over 950 different stock companies from around the world. You can also used CFDs at eToro to speculate on the price movements of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), commodities, 50+ fiat currency pairs, several different cryptocurrencies, and more.

Cryptocurrency at eToro

In addition to using CFDs to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies at eToro, you can also buy, sell and store cryptocurrency directly by using the eToro cryptocurrency e-Wallet. This e-Wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The e-Wallet is a mobile app for smartphones and surf pads. One version is available for iOS (get it at the Apple App Store) and another version is for Android (available for download from Google Play).

etoro crypto

Webtrader – a bespoke platform for social trading

The trading platform at eToro is named Webtrader. In addition to facilitating regular trades, it is filled to the brim with smart solutions that makes social trading so much easier. You are never more than few easy clicks away from following other traders and copying them, copying investment portfolios, and allowing other traders to follow and copy you.

Webtrader and its multitude of features can be downloaded or used directly in your web browser. You can also download an app for mobile phones and surf pads. There is one app for iOS and another one for Android.

Trading hours

Trading hours depend on the underlying asset. A CFD based on a share traded at the LSE in the UK will trade when the LSE is open, and so on.

FX currency and cryptocurrency trading is available around the clock.

Are there several account types to chose from at eToro?

No, ther is only one account available for real-money trading: The eToro Standard Account.

The Demo Account is for play-money trading. It is a great way to explore the Webtrader plattform before you decide if you want to make a deposit.

Leveraged trading

Leveraged trading is available at eToro. In some jurisdictions, such as the European Union, the size of the leverage will be restricted by law for hobby traders.

What is leveraged trading? In essence, you are borrowing money from eToro to carry out your trades. How much you can borrow will in part depend on how much of your own money you put in. This is of course a risky way of trading, since you put yourself in a position where you owe money to eToro and you risk losing more money than you ever had in your account.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is supported by eToro. You will get access to information material, handy tools and plenty of deep historical market data.

Customer support

The customer support is staffed around the clock on weekdays and closed during the weekends.

You can reach the support staff by using the email form at the eToro site.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Examples of accepted transaction methods

PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, VISA, MasterCard, Bank Wire Transfer, Yandex, China Union Pay


Minimum deposit: 50 USD in the United States, 200 USD for the rest of the world

Minimum withdrawal: 50 USD

Withdrawal fee

eToro will charge you a 5 USD withdrawal fee for each withdrawal.

FX fee

If currency needs to be converted (e.g. USD to EUR), you may be charged a conversion fee.


It will usually take at least 3 bank days for eToro to process a withdrawal request.

About eToro

eToro was founded in Israel. Today, eToro is active in many different parts of the world through their various subsidiaries. Each subsidiary is licensed for the applicable market.